Vadim Karpinos percussion audition

Vadim Karpinos on the Audition Process

Vadim Karpinos (Assistant Principal Timpani and Percussion, Chicago Symphony) addresses in this interview some concerns about the orchestral audition process.
Alessandra Belloni Black Madonna

The Voyage of the Black Madonna

Alessandra Belloni tells us about her research on the Black Madonna and her musical project around this goddess that comes from ancient times.

Alessandra Belloni

We are excited to introduce Percussion Magazine's Featured Artist for March: Alessandra Belloni.
Cynthia Yeh percussion current

Cynthia Yeh’s Upcoming Projects

Cynthia Yeh (CSO principal percussion) talks about how the pandemic has affected her day-to-day life and upcoming projects.
cynthia yeh

Cynthia Yeh

We are thrilled to present Percussion Magazine's Featured Artist for October: Cynthia Yeh (Chicago Symphony).
percussion magazine

Edward Harrison

We are delighted to present Percussion Magazine's Artist of the Month for September: Edward Harrison.